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Recognising the importance of Scotland’s peatland to the climate crisis, the Scottish Government has recently pledged to invest over £250 million in peatland restoration by 2030. This involves taking measures to ‘rewet’ peatland, by preventing water from draining away from the site and repairing areas of bare peat.

Taylor Wildlife has carried out pre-application peat depth and condition surveys which involve mapping habitat condition, peat drains, herbivore impact assessment and peat depth surveys on sites across Scotland, including the Cairngorms and in the Caithness & Sutherland SAC.

Peatland restoration feasibility studies involve a much more detailed survey of the drains, gullies, haggs and other erosion features on a site, as well as a baseline hydrological assessment. In addition, we must take into account logistical issues which may impact restoration, for example identifying access routes suitable for heavy machinery and recording areas of scrub or forestry which may need to be removed. This information informs the peatland restoration management plan. This highly detailed report and accompanying maps and shapefiles may include the total length of drains, gullies and forestry furrows to be blocked, the number and specifications of dams required, the area of bare peat restoration, the total length and average height of hags to be re-profiled, and the total length and type of peat dams required. Our surveyors will also note any signs of protected mammals such as otters and water voles, and can advise on whether a protected species survey may be required.

Taylor Wildlife also deliver Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services to sites undergoing peatland restoration; supervising and reporting on the quality and effectiveness of dams, bunds, hag and gully reprofiling and other key restoration tools.

Peat depth and detailed hydrological assessments may also be required for hill track planning applications. Applications for woodland grant schemes may also require peat depth surveys, with survey points at much closer intervals than when carrying out standard peatland surveys.

We have delivered work for Peatland ACTION, CNPA, the National Trust for Scotland as well as for private contracts.

To discuss your needs, please contact us. To find out if you can benefit from funding to restore peatlands, visit NatureScot.

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