Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor - Principle Ecologist

Laura studied ecology at Aberdeen University and has since worked on partnership projects including the Aberdeenshire & Cairngorms water vole conservation projects with Cairngorms National Park Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage and Aberdeen University, and on the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Angus Glens Moorland Health Project. Laura has a wealth of experience running multiple large scale upland projects and is well-informed on all aspects of grouse moor management, deer management and peatland restoration. Laura regularly conducts a range of ecological surveys and is very experienced in surveying protected species, including water vole, badgers, capercaillie and black grouse. Laura has 18 years of experience working with gamekeepers, land managers and project stakeholders and is well-versed on planning surveys to fit around on-going land management and sporting activities.

Laura Duggan

Laura Duggan, MSc, ACIEEM - Ecologist

Laura is an experienced ecologist with an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. She leads field teams on a variety of large-scale surveys on remote sites across Scotland. These most often involve ornithology, leptidoptera, mammal, amphibian and reptile surveys, however Laura also surveys protected species including badger, otter, water vole, pine martin, red squirrel, wildcat and bats and has ECoW experience. In particular, Laura wrote her thesis on finding the optimal orientation or camera traps when surveying potential otter resting sites. In addition, Laura carries out the full range of surveys required for peatland restoration feasibility studies and produces relevent reports and management plans. This includes baseline hydrological surveys, herbivore grazing impact assessments, peat depth, peatland condition and assessment of peatland features and instabilities. Laura also acts as ECoW on sites undergoing restoration.